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X-LITE Guardrail End Treatment


GSI is the exclusive Texas Distributor of the X-LITE Guardrail End Treatment from Barrier Systems, Inc.

The Redirective, Gating, X-LITE Guardrail End Terminal features excellent impact performance at an affordable price. Utilizing superior engineering design, the X-LITE provides maximum interchangeably for flared and tangent roadside applications. This results in significant savings in inventory, repair and maintenance costs.

The X-LITE Terminal uses standard guardrail components and is available with steel posts and wood or composite blockouts.

GSI is also the exclusive Texas Distributor of the X-Tension Guardrail End Treatment from Barrier Systems, Inc., the only fully re-directive, non-gating guardrail end terminal on the market.

Features and Benefits

  • Maximum interchangeability between tangent and flared applications
  • Lightweight impact head
  • Available as a kit or system
  • 28” or 31” (710mm or 790mm) height option
  • Easy to install
  • Utilizes many standard guardrail components

The X-LITE(r) uses 34% less components than other terminals on the market, the redirective, gating, NCHRP 350 TL-3 X-LITE(r) End Terminals feature excellent impact performance. In addition, X-LITE(r) End Terminals have been designed using many non-proprietary guardrail components. This results in significant savings in freight, inventory, repair and maintenance costs.

Different by Design: Because X-LITE(r) End Terminals use non-extruding attenuation, the X-LITE(r) can look different from any other end terminal on the market. This distinction helps minimize in-field repair confusion, a common complaint from DOT's around the United States.

Easy Installation: Because The X-LITE(r) Impact Head attaches directly to guardrail, potential for misalignment is minimized. Connecting the impact head directly to the rail also reduces mower nuisance hit damage. Additionally, slider brackets can be mounted to guardrail panels off-site, reducing installation time and worker exposure in the field.

    X-LITE System Specifications
  • Classification - Redirective Gating (R-G) End Treatment
  • Length - 11.4 m / 37’ 6"
  • Width - Tangent or Flared
  • Height - 710 mm or 790 mm / 28" or 31”
  • Straight / Variable Flare - 1.2 m / 4’
  • Test Level - NCHRP 350 TL-3

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Installation Video

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Crash Test Video

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