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Sealed Expansion Joint (SEJ)


Exclusive Texas Distribitor of the Silicoflex Joint Sealing System by RJ Watson

GSI Highway Products is the exclusive Texas Distributor of RJ Watson's innovative Sealed Expansion Joint system, the Silicoflex Joint Sealing System. Silicoflex was developed out of the need for a joint sealing system that was easy to install and offered a long, effective sealing life.

Silicoflex has sealed the void for providing a system that contains both of these features, and has become a popular alternative to traditional sealing systems in the United States and throughout the world.

Silicoflex consists of an inverted 'V' shaped, preformed, extruded silicone rubber seal, with a single component silicone locking adhesive and primer. Two beads of siilicone locking adhesive are used; one above and below the silicone rubber seal to ensure a tenacious, water-tight and continous seal.

Key Features

  • Fast and Simple Installation - Iinstallation time is about 15-20 minutes per lane. 30-60 minutes after the installation is complete, the lane can be reopened to traffic.

  • Low Stress Design - During normal cyclic movement, the Silicoflex seal is not in tension due to its folded inverted ‘V’ shape. This reduces stress on both the seal and adhesive and eliminates the possibility of cohesive failure typically found in field molded sealants.

  • Debris Friendly, Self Cleaning Design - The inverted ‘V’ shape directs debris to the edges of the seal where it is bonded and fixed. During cycling, debris is channeled upwards thereby reducing the chance of punctures.

  • Large Movement Range - Silicoflex is manufactured in three different sizes which cover the full range of movements typical of single cell joint openings.

  • Versatile - Silicoflex will bond equally well to steel, concrete and elastomeric or polymer concrete surfaces. Silicoflex can also be used to reseal failed strip seal joints and works well with irregular, tapered and spalled joint openings. These features make Silicoflex ideal for maintenance and retrofit projects.

  • Temperature Insensitive - Silicoflex will remain flexible in almost any environment. The material stability temperature range is -60° F to +350° F.

  • Durable - Silicoflex applications installed in the mid-1990’s are still performing effectively to this day.

  • Maintenance Friendly - In the event of a puncture, Silicoflex can be easily repaired using the silicone based locking adhesive. With more severe damage, locally damaged pieces can be removed and new pieces can be spliced in.

  • Field Splicable and Directional Changes - If required, the Silicoflex gland can be bonded to itself by using the same silicone locking adhesive.


Typical Silicoflex Applications

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