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Crash Cushions

GSI is the exclusive Texas distributor of four NCHRP 350 approved crash cushions from Barrier Systems, Inc. All of our crash cushions are FHWA accepted and available for TL-2 and/or TL-3 applications.

Absorb 350 Crash Cushion

Crash Cushions Absorb

The Absorb 350 Crash Cushion is a non-redirective crash cushion that is NCHRP 350 approved for TL-2 and TL-3 applications.

The Absorb 350 can be attached to the end of portable or permanent concrete barriers and steel barriers without the need to anchor the system to the roadway. This provides for easy and fast installation and repair.

The system is 24 inches wide, making it the ideal option for narrower roads where workspace and road space are limited.

It is designed for use on narrow hazards, exits, wide medians, edge of road locations.

    Product Features:
  • Narrow Footprint
  • Fast deployment and repair
  • No foundation anchors required
  • Construction or Permanent Applications
  • Speed Rating Flexibility
  • Optional wheel lifting device available for movement to new lane position or side of the road

TAU-II Crash Cushions

TAU-II Crash Cushions

The Universal TAU-II Family of Crash Cushions are a full line of re-directive crash cushions that meet both TL-2 and TL-3 NCHRP 350 requirements.

A fully re-directive system, the TAU-II Crash cushions are ideally suited for ends of rigid barriers, toll booths, utility polls, high speed roads with narrow medians, and many other roadway hazards.

The TAU-II system's open architecture reduces build-up coming from roadside debris. This helps keep the system clear of litter and ensure top performance and easy access for maintenance workers.

    Program Features:
  • Low Life Cycle Cost and minimum number of anchors
  • Low Profile 6" foundation ideal for bridge deck
  • Can be used for 27.5" or 36" backups
  • One parts kit repairs or builds any size unit
  • Easily lengthened or shortened
  • Standard transitions and reusable nose standard
  • 70mph system available

X-TENuator Crash Cushion

X-Tenuator Crash Cushion

The X-TENuator is a TL-3 re-directive, bi-directional non-gating crash cushion that provides high performance without the high cost.

The X-TENuator is designed to be installed permanently but can also be used on asphalt in work zones where re-directive non-gating performance is required.

Utilizing standard transitions, a narrow body, and ease of deployment and installation makes the X-TENuator ideally suited for shielding narrow roadside hazards at low impact sites.

    Program Features:
  • Low cost hazard protection
  • Meets NCHRP 350 TL-3 test criteria
  • Only twenty-six ground anchors required for concrete
  • Accepted for installation on asphalt
  • Attaches to single faced guardrail, double faced guardrail and concrete barrier
  • Uses standard transitions
  • Ideally suited for narrow medians, gore areas, construction zones, toll plazas, side of road

X-TENsion Median Attenuator System

X-Tension Crash Cushion

The X-TENsion Mediaun Attenuator System (X-MAS) is a TL-3 re-directive, non-gating, sacrificial impact attenuator that combines ease of installation and affordability with no foundation required.

Utilizing standard guardrail parts combined with superior engineering, the X-TENsion median system provide the same performance of an NCHRP 350 re-directive, non-gating sytem at a fraction of the price.

    Product Features:
  • Attached directly to double faced guardrail
  • Utilizes standard guardrail components
  • Available at 28.5" or 31" heights
  • Easy installation with no foundation, backup or custom transitions required.

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